Feedback and testimonials

Feedback from the inaugural round of the scheme was overwhelmingly positive. A large majority of both mentors and mentees who responded were highly satisfied with the scheme overall, with almost all of the remaining respondents somewhat satisfied. A large majority of mentor-mentee pairs who responded are also continuing with the mentorship even after the scheme is over!

Please find below a selection of anonymous feedback from the first round of the scheme.

Mentee Testimonials: What went well with the program?

My mentor is very prepared, full of useful suggestions and has been extremely interesting to have the possibility to discuss one-to-one with a dedicated person.

Everything, I loved it

The frequency of the meetings and the clear establishment for our respective roles, contextualised within what I was hoping to achieve through this programme

The match with my mentor is very good

The setup was really good and having the ideas of discussion points for the first meeting was really helpful


Mentor Testimonials: What went well with the program?

I think the mentee and I were well matched and found quite a lot of interesting topics to discuss together

The main factor of success were the mentees themselves, with their sincere interest.

It was useful for both of us