Welcome to the homepage of the LHC Early Career Mentoring Programme!

We invite you to learn about this programme in the About section. 

Are you an early career scientist who is interested in a career in research? Are you wondering how to take the next steps in your career? Then this programme is for you and we invite you to submit a mentee application. 

Would you like to help an early career scientist develop their professional skills? Do you have tips/tricks that you wish you had known earlier in your career? Then this program is also for you and we invite you to submit a mentor application.

This year, we will keep applications open all year round exceptionally for individuals who have been affected by the war in Ukraine, and for those who wish to mentor them. For this, simply fill in the same application forms as indicated above and select the relevant tick-box.

Other applications will close on the dates indicated on the application pages.

We are currently starting the third round of the programme. You can find the feedback we received from the first round in the feedback tab of this website.

Please find more information about this mentoring programme in the pages linked above, and do not hesitate to contact us with questions.